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On Duty Pest Control

OnDuty Systems, LP installs Pest-Tubes ® which provides the latest technology for in-wall pest control, helping prevent insects and other pests from entering into your home.

The Pest-Tubes ® are expertly installed into new, under construction homes.

How the Pest Tubes Work

Pest-Tubes® is a centralized pest control delivery system. A polyethylene tube is installed just above the base plate in the perimeter walls in the first story locations, and also in other “wet” locations in your home, such as kitchen, bath and laundry rooms.

The Pest Tubes® have evenly spaced outlets which facilitate the distribution of the pest control products throughout each tube’s length. The Pest-Tubes installation also features “solid tubing” or full length runs, so there are no splices in the walls.

The Pest-Tubes® system provides pest control without the need for chemicals to be sprayed inside your home, creating a “Low Impact” of pesticides inside.  This provides a safer environment for you, your children and pets. This also virtually eliminates all chemical odors and negates the need for a service person to go into the home spraying chemicals, opening cabinets, accessing kitchen storage areas, moving furniture and entering closet areas.

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